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Ericsson T28s Refurbished Original Phone


📱 Ericsson T28s

🔲 Form Factor: Candybar

📷 VGA Camera

💽 Internal Storage: 1MB

📡 2G Connectivity

📧 Email & Messaging

📝 Calendar

🖥️ Monochrome Display

🔋 Removable Battery

📡 Dual-Band GSM

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The Ericsson T28s Refurbished Original Phone is a classic and stylish device for those who appreciate vintage technology. This phone was originally released in the late 1990s and has been refurbished to its original condition, offering a unique and authentic experience for users. With its durable design, reliable functionality, and iconic style, the Ericsson T28s is a perfect addition to any retro tech collection. Order now on to own a piece of mobile phone history!

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