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We started with a simple goal: to bring back memories of the good old days of mobile phones. Our love for retro phones began when we all gathered and realized we were constantly online with our smartphones. We missed the days when our phones were simple and had a unique personality, like our first Nokia or Motorola. So, we set out to find these retro phones and bring them to everyone who wants to relive those memories.


Our mission

Everyone today has fond memories of retro cell phones. It is true, because those phones had a soul, memory of it brings us back to our beautiful childhood, where there was no place for gadgets and the Internet. These good memories made us create this store. Here you can find your first cell phone that will take you back a few decades from when you first picked it up. Our mission at is to preserve the memories and nostalgia of classic mobile phones. We believe that these phones had a unique character and soul that connected people in a special way. They remind us of a simpler time, before the Internet and advanced technology, when phones were just a tool for communication. Our goal is to offer you a chance to revisit those memories and own a piece of history by providing a selection of refurbished original retro cell phones. We want to keep the legacy of these timeless devices alive and let you experience their charm once again.

Reduced anxiety and depression
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Feel yourself in the past

Our story